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"See PayPal, eBay Partner Network, Commission Junction, or ClickBank sales instantly, from wherever you are!"

After years of selling online I have decided to share with you some of the fun, time saving and extremely valuable programs I have created to help grow and maintain many successful online businesses. I have always loved making money...who doesn't! I figured, Why not build programs that will make my business life easier and sprinkle in some fun? Besides, making business fun is a good key to online success.

You see, I have several online businesses that are making money. Some use Commission Junction, some use eBay Partner Network, some use PayPal (like for eBay Auctions and Stores), some are from ClickBank accounts and some are Custom (websites and eStores).

Any expert will tell you that the key to being successful selling online is generating multiple streams of income. However, it can become very time consuming logging in to multiple eBay Partner Network, PayPal accounts, ClickBank accounts and other web-business backends to see how much money you are actually making.

That's why I invented CA-SHING! For years I have used this program to track the sales of ALL of my business ventures and best of all, I made it fun!

It is the greatest!!! Now we can be doing other tasks or be sitting around and watching TV or be a distance away from the computer and hear that great sound of the old cash register keys being pressed down and the bell chiming and the cash drawer sliding out and the change jingling into the drawer!!! It really makes selling fun !!!

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What is CA-SHING ?

CA-SHING is software you load onto your computer that is designed to notify you when you make a sale and help you efficiently handle multiple money accounts such as Commission Junction, PayPal and ClickBank. CA-SHING is a huge time saver and best of all...its fun to use!

Click below for screen shots:

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Screen Shot #2


CA-SHING on your Computer!

Install CA-SHING on your computer to be notified when you have made a successful sale! "CaShing

Let's face it, you can't be sitting at your computer checking your accounts ALL the time. With CA-SHING its no problem! Just turn up your speakers, head off to the living room and when you have made another sale you will hear ""cashing"!

Text Messaging

Be at the BEACH and know when you have a SALE!
This cool feature actually notifies you via text messaging right to your CELL PHONE every time you get a SALE, from either your ClickBank Account, PayPal Account or Custom Backend. 

Just about every person who starts and maintains an online business spends a lot of time running back and forth checking their accounts to see if they have made any sales. When you are at your day job or away on a trip and do not have access to a computer you will spend a lot of time wondering how your business is doing. CA-SHING will help keep you in the loop at all times with your business accounts!

Instant Account Balance Overview

See your eBay Partner Network, Commission Junction
, PayPal and ClickBank balances with one click! You just right click the dollar sign in the taskbar and it pulls up a menu of the current account balances in all of your accounts. With one click you can see an instant and secure look of how much money you have in any or all of your PayPal, ClickBank or Custom accounts! See example below:

This is a HUGE time saver. Believe me, when you start getting (or have) multiple accounts it can become quite a hassle to run back and forth to all of your accounts to see what the balances currently are. CA-SHING will consolidate all of your accounts for you to view and its just a click away!

 One Click Logins

Open Commission Junction, eBay Partner Network, PayPal and ClickBank accounts with one click! Jumping back and forth to websites to login and check out your accounts can be quite a hassle. With CA-SHING, simply click your account in the menu and it INSTANTLY opens up your browser and logs you into that account. No manual logging in, now that saves time!

Great for ClickBank Affiliates seeing your online sales instantly
Great for ClickBank Sellers seeing your online sales instantly
Great for eBay'ers using PayPal seeing online sales instantly
Great for Commission Junction owners seeing online sales instantly
Instant PayPal Account Login
Instant ClickBank Account Login
Instant Credit Notifications
See Multiple PayPal Account Balances
See Multiple ClickBank Account Balances
See Multiple eBay Partner Network Account Balances
Retrieve Multiple Custom Account Balance Notifications
Instant Cell Phone Text Messaging notifications
        of Sales and Credits
FREE Updates for Life


Not $39.95


If you have eBay Partner Network, Commission Junction, ClickBank accounts or are using PayPal accounts this is a must have tool for you!

After you place your order, you'll be taken to a page where you can immediately download the program and start using it now!

Yes, you get immediate access even at 2:00 A.M.

This program runs on Window 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, Vista
This program does not run on the Mac, sorry.

PS. This is a great tool for eBay'ers using PayPal!

If you have any questions about CA-SHING, please email them to erik@repich.com

Best wishes,

Erik Repich, CEO

ChiTex Business Solutions, Inc.

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