Cell Phone Text Messaging

Every time you get a sale or a credit on one of the account you entered in, you can receive a text message on your cell phone.
Note: cell phone must support text messaging

To send the text message of the sale or credit to your cell phone:

Make sure CA-SHING is running, their should be a in the bottom right hand corner of you desktop. If not, double click the
on your desktop to run CA-SHING.
Right click the dollar sign and select "Open CA-SHING Settings" from the menu.

3) Select the TAB on the top of the window which says "Cell Phone"
4) If the Enabled box is not checked, select the box next to Enabled.
5) Select your cell phone provider from the list.  If your cell phone provider is not in the list then select other and enter in the email address of your text messaging provider in other email address box.
6) Enter you cell phone number in the box under "Cell Phone Number". Make sure you  enter in you complete cell phone number including your area code
7) Select  the "Test" button. If everything is entered in correctly you should receive a test message on your cell phone.
8) Select  the "Save Changes" button.