Using the Menu

You'll have Quick access to CA-SHING by going through the quick menu.
Their should be a in the bottom right hand corner of you desktop. If not, double click the
on your desktop to run CA-SHING. Right click the dollar sign and you'll see the menu. See menu picture below:

The menu is broken down into different sections.

    Open CA-SHING Settings
Select this option to open up CA-SHING

This open up the about window.

SECTION 2 - Get current balances
This is the only option on the menu in this section. When you select this option CA-SHING immediately goes out and checks the balances on all the accounts you added and comes back with the results of all the accounts you have added.

SECTION 3 - Shut down CA-SHING
    Selecting this option will close down the CA-SHING program. 


    Play CA-SHING sound
    When you have this checked, the CA-SHING sound plays on your computer.
    To un-check or check this option, just select it from the menu.

SECTION 5 and on
Depending on how many different accounts you have added, they will all show up here.
    Click on the account to open up that account in your browser.